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Welding testing NZ is a method of evaluating the quality of welds by measuring their physical and mechanical properties. The measurements used include: penetration, crack width, and peak hardness. Welding testing is a process that checks the quality of welds made by welding operators. Welds are checked for their size, shape, and how well they fuse together. The weld test also checks for possible defects in the weld seam.

Asbestos testing Christchurch is done to determine the level of asbestos in a building or area. Testing can be done by using a vacuum cleaner and a HEPA filter to collect dust, or by using a spectrometer to measure the amount of asbestos. The New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set guidelines for how much asbestos should be found in air samples. If the level of asbestos is greater than 0.1 fibers per cubic meter, then the building must be tested and cleaned up if necessary.

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