Most recent canadian citizenship question and ideas.

(Real questions of citizenship candidates)

What is most recent event in canada?
Ans:  Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

What is the winter sport :
Ans: ice hockey


Canada mean in aboriginal peoples? (Kanata)


Canadian flag color red and white come from which country?
Red is symbolic of England and white of France

3rd Largest Navy?

The RCN expanded substantially during this period, becoming the third-largest navy in the world by 1945.

SK is known for?  grains and oilseeds

Saskatchewan, once known as the “breadbasket of the world” and the “wheat province,” has 40% of the arable land in Canada and is the country’s largest producer of grains and oilseeds.

Peace Arch
At Blaine in the State of Washington, the ____________ , inscribed with the words “children of a common mother” and “brethren dwelling together in unity”, symbolizes our close ties and common interest.

After citizenship you will __ vote right and apply passport

Canadian Olympic athletes name?
In 1996 at the Olympic Summer Games, Donovan Bailey became a world record sprinter and double Olympic gold medallist.

Chantal Petitclerc became a world
champion wheelchair racer and Paralympic gold medalist.
One of the greatest hockey players of
all time, Wayne Gretzky, played for the Edmonton Oilers from 1979 to 1988.

how are members of parliament chosen?
They are elected by voters in their local constituency (riding

What is the meaning of the Remembrance?
To remember the sacrifice of Canadians who have served or died in wars up to the present day.

Most won political Party call ?
Opposition party / Leading Party / Govenment Party


Which one helping others in the community?Millions of volunteers freely donate their time to help others without pay—helping people in need,
assisting at your child’s school,
at a food bank or other charity,
All of those


Which one is not Canadia heritage?
Food Bank


Remembrance Day?





Independence day ?


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