What is the meaning of the national motto, the Latin phrase, “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”?
From sea to sea


China People  played a significant role in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway?

What is significant about the fact that Canada and America share "the world’s longest undefended border"?  It enables millions of Canadians and Americans to cross the border every year in with relative ease and safety.


which one  following is the federal government responsible?
Health, Civil Rights, Criminal law and citizenship


What three requirements must have a elector meet in order to vote in a federal election?
18 Years Old, Canadia Citizen, Register voter.

The three founding peoples of Canada:
The Aboriginals, the French, and the British

What is the significance of the sport lacrosse in Canada?  summer sport


Louis Riel is the father of Manitoba

John Graves Simcoe  The Founder of the city of Toronto

What does the blindfolded Lady Justice symbolize?


The judicial system is blind to all considerations other than facts


General Sir Arthur Currie  The greatest Canadian soldier in the First World War



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