Queen (sovereign) is the Head of State. Sovereign focuses on citizenship and allegiance, guardian of constitutional freedoms, and a reflection of our history.

Prime Minister is the Head of Government.

The three branches of Government - the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

Government Type - Federal government, Provincial government, Municipal government (Local)

Parliament has three parts: The Sovereign (the Queenor King), the Senate, and the House of Commons (MPs).

Bill becomes Law:

  • Step 1: First reading - The bill is considered readfor the first time and is printed.
  • Step 2: Second reading - Members debate the bill’sprinciple
  • Step 3: Committee stage - Committee members studythe bill clause by clause
  • Step 4: Report stage - Members can make other amendments
  • Step 5: Third reading - Members debate and vote onthe bill
  • Step 6: Senate - The bill follows the similar processin the Senate
  • Step 7: Royal Assent - The bill receives royal assentafter being passed by both Houses

The House of Commons is there presentative chamber, made up of members of Parliament elected by the people, traditionally every four years.

Governor General of Canada is representative of Queen.

Lieutenant Governor of Canada is representative in a provincial jurisdiction of the Canadian monarch and head of state, Queen Elizabeth II.

In the three territories, the Commissioner represents the federal government and plays a ceremonial role.







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